Indian and International newspapers

5 May 2021 By Rosie Hunt

The importance of newspapers cannot be understated. A newspaper is basically a printed magazine issued several times a day and available once a week, usually on a Sunday. It provides vital information and news about local, national and world events.

Most newspapers are delivered to the home, via delivery. One can also purchase a newspaper either in a shop or at a newsstand. In addition, some newspapers are available for free over the internet.

A wide variety of topics like sports, games, politics, entertainment, the weather, education, religion, health, gardening, beauty etc. are covered in newspapers. A daily paper covers several issues of local interest. It also includes important international news and some international magazines. Some of the most popular national and international newspapers include the Indian newspaper Indian Opinion, the Pakistani newspaper Dawn, Chinese Chinese newspaper People’s Daily, International Herald Tribune and International New Zealand Journal.

All papers have their own dedicated departments that report on a particular topic of interest or report the latest development in any field. There is a separate department of children’s day, children’s entertainer and sport of the month. Some newspapers offer the option of printing separate section of sports news. Some of the international newspapers like the New Zealand Herald and New Straits Times have separate sports sections.

The Business and Sports section of many newspapers include the business news, market news, sport news, property news, transport news etc. Some newspapers even offer Divya News, a family oriented Hindu newspaper. Some newspapers also have internationalize section where international news and articles on various topics are published.

So the circulation of the newspapers is very slow in small towns and cities and the advertisements etc

The reporters of Indian and Chinese newspapers work hard for the cause of spreading goodwill. Since both the countries do not recognize each other diplomatically, they try to establish a good relation with each other by printing friendly and helpful news columns. Similarly the reporters of different Indian and English newspapers work hard to maintain the goodwill between India and England and other countries. They write positive articles and try to create an atmosphere of cordiality between the two countries.

There are quite a number of small and major newspapers that can be found in most cities and towns. These newspapers carry basic and common news of the day and few special feature articles. The biggest advantage of a small-sized town newspapers over big cities’ newspapers is that the local population reads the newspapers. So the circulation of the newspapers is very slow in small towns and cities and the advertisements etc.