What Are the Benefits of MitID?

30 January 2022 By webmaster

A major benefit of MitID is the reduced number of logins required. The new system will allow users to sign in to various online services with just one single code. Additionally, the new technology will make it easier to identify people and prevent fraud by creating risk scores for each MitID transaction. This way, companies will be able to differentiate between different types of logins based on the security level they are seeking to achieve. There are three security levels in total: Low, Medium, and High.

The pre-production environment will be used for testing MitID user identities. The production environment can include up to three pilot end-users, who can perform transactions without providing personal information. The end-user flow can be shared with other pilot service providers and end-users. The benefits of MitID are numerous. The system will enable companies to manage their users, authenticators, certificates, and roles. It will also meet stringent security requirements.

Those who do not yet have a NemID

A centralized identity management system is an important part of MitID. Users will need a single, encrypted identity to use services such as online banking and financial services. However, if a person has difficulty with using a mobile phone, they can also use an audio code reader to listen to the MitID one-time code. Those who already have a NemID may simply transfer it to their new digital ID. Those who do not yet have a NemID will need to visit a Citizen Center to receive a CPR number. To learn more about MitID, you can visit the official website of the MitID initiative.

If you live in Denmark, MitID will replace the Danish Digital ID, called NemID. This ID is used for various digital transactions including logging into public authorities and identifying in other digital services. Many companies have integrated MitID into their systems. This makes it easier for them to comply with strict security standards. This allows them to provide services that are more convenient for their users. A key component of MitID is its full-fledged administrative capabilities. The resulting system is highly flexible and customizable.

MITID is still in closed pilot phase

As of today, MITID is still in closed pilot phase. At the time of writing, it has approximately 7000 active users in Sweden. During the pilot phase, it is important to keep the login hidden to avoid exposing sensitive information to other users. Aside from this, the MITID website also provides guidelines for implementing the system. These guidelines can be found on the official website of the project. For a more detailed explanation, read the guidelines here.

Another feature of MitID is its ability to help users in accessing services that would otherwise be impossible to access. For example, a broker can use the service as a proxy to access online banking. The service provider can then use the MitID to protect customer data. The company is also a trusted partner, as it works with digital identity providers. The two companies have a partnership that will facilitate this transition. The pilot will also provide an API that allows users to identify each other.